John Little Psychic Consultant

John Little Psychic Consultant

Practical Answers to the Questions that Concern You

Psychic Readings

logo2008-2Practical Answers to your questions

You can learn things from a psychic reading that you can’t learn any other way. You go to a psychic because you want answers to your questions, and for 30 years I’ve provided practical down-to-earth answers to a huge variety of questions, such as:


  • Can you help me find my dog?” (I did.)
  • My parent/child/spouse has died. Can you tell me how they’re doing?” (Yes, I can.)
  • Should I take this job in Oregon/ San Francisco/ etc?” (That one varies, of course.)
  • I haven’t seen my child in x number of years. Can you tell me how they’re doing?” (Yes, I can.)
  • Can you teach me how to do what you do?” (Yes. How much depends on you.)
  • What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” ( I can help you find the answer for yourself.)
  • I seem to have spirits in my house. Can you get them out?” (Yes.)

Of course, some people don’t know why they want a reading, they just want one. Maybe they’re just curious, or it seems like it might be fun, or whatever. And sometimes it turns out to be just an interesting experience for them. But usually there really is a reason why they choose to come to me, and it’s that Spirit is giving them a nudge in my direction because there’s something they need to know or hear. So Spirit inspires them to come to me so I can relay the message.


The Holy TrinityUntitled-1

But most people want to know about what I call “the holy trinity”: Love, Money, Health. And of those, most people, by far, want to know about Love, or relationships. So I’ve written a separate page about Relationship readings.