John Little Psychic Consultant

John Little Psychic Consultant

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About Me

John Little psychic consultantI’m a professional psychic living in Asheville NC. For 30 years my practical approach to psychic work has been helping people find information, feel better, and learn to help themselves.


As a small child, I was able to hold two-way conversations with plants and animals. Growing up, I often knew what other people were thinking and feeling, but I assumed that was normal and thought nothing of it. Finally, in the late eighties, I met a professional psychic who taught me to read playing cards and urged me to share my gifts by offering psychic readings to the public.


Today, I still talk with plants and animals and spend a huge amount of time communicating with Spirit; it’s what my life is all about. And it enables me to do my work, which is about helping people. Sometimes that means teaching people to do psychic or spiritual work themselves, sometimes it means helping them make a hard decision, and sometimes it simply means providing information they’ve been seeking so they can feel better. I enjoy it all.