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Energy Clearing

energy clearingPeople and spirits who live or visit in a space leave energy behind them after they’re gone. This energy affects those who are there after them, and it can have really drastic effects. The older the building, the more likely it is to have a lot of nasty old left-over energy from previous occupants (living ones and spirits). If you think (or know) that you have a space that needs energy clearing, give me a call. If you’re just curious about what that could look like, keep reading.

I was called to clear a very old boardinghouse that was being renovated. There was one room that I could barely stand to be in; it possibly felt worse than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. There was no spirit there, just horrible energy. Clearing the room took considerable work and when I got through the owner told me that he could never keep tenants in that room because nobody wanted to stay there.

Similarly, if you’ve ever gone house-hunting you’ve probably noticed that some properties feel really good and others feel really bad, regardless of what they actually look like. It could be that there’s a spirit there, but it’s more likely because of energy left there either by the sellers or by previous visitors.

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