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Energy Clearing

energy clearingEnergy Clearing is about more than spirits and haunted houses. It is true that spirits sometimes hang around after the death of the body they were occupying. It’s also possible for a wandering spirit to kind of settle in a particular location because it feels comfortable there for whatever reason. But it’s not necessarily a problem for humans who share a space with a spirit; the fact is, there are non-physical entities living all around us all the time. But sometimes having a spirit in the house can feel uncomfortable and if that’s the case, clearing the spirit from the house can be a good idea. It’s usually just a matter of communicating with the spirit, finding out why they’re there, (They’re probably lost, confused, or afraid.) and then helping them to move on. Regardless of how easy or hard it turns out to be, energy clearing doesn’t look at all like “The Exorcist!”

But there are a lot of other reasons, besides lingering spirits, why our environments need regular clearing:

Living spaces have a tendency to accumulate old, stale energy in corners and out-of-the-way places. Just like cleaning regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, etc, you should also clear periodically to prevent the collection of undesirable energies. These energies can affect your moods, the general feeling of your living spaces (Is there a room you hate to go into but don’t know why?) and, in extreme cases, your health. Every time you are unhappy, or sick, or angry, you unconsciously spread that energy into your environment. Long after you are feeling better, the energy remains until something is done to clear it away.

Homes, especially apartments, are likely to have another type of problem: left-over energies still hanging around from the previous occupants. The temperaments, moods, and health of the people who lived in your home before you can have a profound impact on how you feel. (In fact, the same thing is true of visitors to your home! For a dramatic illustration of this effect, see the first story in Stories of Energy Clearing.) If you’ve ever been house-hunting, you probably noticed that, regardless of what the houses looked like, some of them just felt good, while others just felt really bad! But these are extremes; in most cases, the energy left in a re-sold house is so subtle that the new owner doesn’t begin to feel it until they’ve had time to settle down from the excitement (stress!) of moving.

Offices and work spaces are especially prone to the problem of left-over energy. They tend to be leased by different tenants every so often, and employees come and go.  Add in the stress and pressure that are often present in the work place, and the need for energy clearing becomes especially important.

Left-over energy in your living spaces can drag down your mood, your emotions, your health. Try these tips for clearing your own spaces, or contact me for more serious cases.

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