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John Little Psychic Consultant

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About My Work

my psychic work

I’ve been a professional psychic for 30 years.

I started out “reading” playing cards. They’re a very efficient means of getting practical, down-to-earth information about a given situation, and they’re helpful for getting a time-line on things. (“In 3-5 months, I think this will happen. As a result, you’ll probably do that, and then in a couple months more they’ll probably do this, so you’ll feel like this. So you need to do this, and you can avoid all that.”)

After a few years, I found that I was able to just open up and channel information directly from Spirit… “the other side.” In case it’s not obvious, that’s very useful for getting all kinds of information about all kinds of things. It enables me to explain to you why some things happen, why you do some things you do, and what would perhaps be a better course of action for you. It enables me to sometimes know things like where that lost dog was that I mentioned on the first page.

Shortly after that, I realized that I could communicate with the spirits of people who had died, which is just another form of psychic channeling. And then, shortly after that, at a client’s request, I found that I could also communicate with the subconscious of people who are still alive. So it’s pretty easy to check on the well-being of someone that you care about, or find out why a relationship isn’t going so well. Of course, if you’re interested in knowing something that’s none of your business, we’ll come up empty-handed; Spirit is very cooperative, but won’t give out information if it’s not in the best interest of everybody concerned.

So these are all just different aspects of psychic work, different ways of gathering information, and they come into play as they’re needed during a reading.

Removing spirits from homes and other buildings is also something I do. It’s usually pretty simple, and it’s always interesting. I’ve been doing it for many years, and you can read all about that here.