John Little Psychic Medium

John Little Psychic Medium

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Psychic Readings

psychic readingsPsychic readings that provide practical information

When doing a psychic reading I strive to provide practical, down-to-Earth answers to your questions, information you can use. For most readings I channel information directly from Spirit to you. But if your question requires it, I’ll use playing cards to provide certain information, such as a time-line. And if your question concerns another person, I might connect directly with that person’s spirit and get the information that way.

I can provide information about a very wide range of topics; love, family, relationships, money, career, relocations, life path, spiritual matters, whatever.

And some people don’t even know why they want a psychic reading, they just want one. Maybe it just seems like it would be fun or interesting. And that’s fine; there doesn’t even have to be a reason.

At this time (spring 2021) psychic readings are done over the phone only. Contact me to schedule your reading.