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Contacting spirits of loved ones

spirits of loved onesPeople come to me to contact the spirits of loved ones who’ve died.  Sometimes, if the death was recent, they’re grieving and they want to connect in the only way they can. Sometimes it’s because they want to see if the person is “okay.” Sometimes it’s because they felt a certain close connection to the person and they want to see if the connection is still there. Sometimes it’s just curiosity. All of these reasons are valid.

There are certain norms in contacting people who’ve died. As a rule, those who have died recently are very willing to be contacted, especially by someone they particularly care about. Conversely, as a rule, someone who’s been gone for several years or longer has no interest at all in talking to someone from their former life. Everyone reaches a point where their interest in the previous life is gone; their focus is on “the now” and planning for the future.

This “cut-off” point varies from person to person and there is no “rule” for when that is. I contacted my father when he’d been dead for a year and he seemed just like he did when he was alive. I contacted him again 2 years later and he was totally different and had no interest at all in talking to me.

But spirits are willing to help regardless of how long they’ve been gone. I contacted my father again about 10 years later, not to chat but because I wanted his help. He still wasn’t friendly but he was more than willing to help me. Spirits aren’t interested in making small talk about long-past lives but they’re willing to help with a legitimate problem.

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