A surprise message

Sometimes when I do a reading for a client it contains a surprise message.

I was doing a card reading which showed my client having a very powerful, prosperous time for the next few months. Yay! But then the cards showed “it” hitting the fan in late summer, with her having a very difficult time for the remainder of the year and beyond. So we talked about ways that she could prepare for what was coming and hopefully change things so that her year wouldn’t turn out to be as unpleasant as what I was predicting.

(I always make sure my clients know that their future isn’t carved in stone; you have the ability to change your future by changing your present. My readings simply serve as a heads-up.)

Then Spirit spoke directly through me with some more information. In a nutshell, They said this: “The readings that John does with the cards show you what will be happening from YOUR perspective. They show you how YOU will experience the year based on YOUR reactions to things… some things that happen will feel good to you, and you will enjoy them, and some will feel bad to you, and you will try to change them if you can. This is fine. But it’s important to try to remember that nothing that happens to you is either good or bad; it just IS. How you react is what determines whether you have a good experience or a bad one.”

It reminded me of something I read in a book on Buddhism years ago: “It’s only a problem if you think it is.” Sometimes it’s hard to accept that, but when you can it sure makes life easier.