Breast Lump

A woman came to see me for a condition she had and while I was working with that issue I found something else. I found that she had an energy “floating outside” of her breast that didn’t belong there. It didn’t mean she had a problem at that time but it was an indication of a possible problem in the future. So I shared this with her and told her to be sure she got her regular medical checkups.

Several years later I got a call from her; she had just come from the doctor and they had found a lump. She said, “You told me I was going to get it, now tell me how to get rid of it.”

She made another appointment and at that time we asked Spirit what she could do to heal the lump. I passed on to her the information I got from Spirit and she left. Shortest appointment on record.

A few months later she called again. She said, “I did what you said and the lump is gone so I’m calling to make an appointment for my friend to see you.” I don’t remember what I told her but she obviously made good use of it.