Broken Bone

An elderly woman had a broken bone that would not heal. For twelve months, she was practically an invalid, able to walk only a little or not at all because of the pain. She had been moved into her daughter’s house where they waited on her hand and foot. Her doctors had no idea why the bone wouldn’t heal.

The first two times I worked with her, she felt much better afterward, and she could walk more easily. But the relief lasted only a few days and then the pain returned. On my third visit, I “saw” the reason for the bone not healing: She had an unmet need to be taken care of like a little girl, because she didn’t get that when she actually was a little girl. And now, because of her injury, that old need was finally being met. Living at her daughter’s house, she was the center of attention because of her condition. Her children pampered her and took care of her; she loved it! But if the bone were to heal and she could take care of herself again, her children would go back to their own lives and things would return to normal for her.

Of course, the woman didn’t consciously want to be an invalid and she was unaware of all of this. So once she knew what was going on then she was able to release that old need and her body was able to heal.

That was my last visit with her. But I spoke with her daughter a few months later, and she told me her mother was all healed up. The bone that had refused to heal for 12 months was fine and she was now dancing and everything! She just needed somebody to make her aware of what was going on.