Cases of Energy Clearing

Most dramatic
A couple who were happily living together decided to go look at new houses, just for fun. As they were walking through a house, the man suddenly found himself wondering: “Why am I looking at new houses with this person? I don’t even want to be with her!” Needless to say, the afternoon’s fun was shot! He was wondering how he got in the situation he was in, and she was wondering what was wrong with him. Luckily for both of them, he was aware enough to finally realize he had “picked up” something in the house: energy left behind by someone who really was in a relationship he didn’t want to be in! Getting it cleared away was easy, once the problem was identified, and they “lived happily ever after!”

This is the most extreme case I have ever witnessed of someone picking up “energy cooties;” usually the results are not so dramatic. Still, it’s the perfect example of what is possible.

I went to do a clearing for a family who had moved into a previously-owned townhouse. They said the bedroom just didn’t “feel right.” What I found was that there had been a lot of fighting in the bedroom, and that one person had always gone into the bathroom after the fighting, or as a result of it. I spent 30 minutes or so clearing the bedroom. The rest of the house was pretty predictable, given that situation, but not too bad, all things considered.

What makes this story worth telling is the bedroom closet. I didn’t need to do anything there because the new owners’ cat had selected the bottom shelf of the closet shoe cabinet for its bed, and it had already cleared its new home (the closet) thoroughly! Animals in general are a lot closer to the spirit realm than humans are, and some of them are very adept at working with energy or spirits.

When I first opened the closet, the cat eyed me coolly and didn’t budge; I could tell he knew he was the boss in his home. As I checked the closet energetically, I realized that his authority extended to the non-physical realm, and he had already cleared house of everything that offended him.

Most Bizarre
A woman called me and said her house was full of evil spirits. She said they were always all over her and her 10-year-old son. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get rid of them, and she wanted me to come and see if I could do something. She was very upset so I told her I would come right over. She said she¬† didn’t want my being there to scare her son (?) so she was going to leave the door unlocked for me and take him somewhere for a while.

From all the stories the woman had told me, I really expected to find a horrible situation. So when I got there, I was prepared for the worst. But when I walked in, I found nothing wrong. There were no “evil spirits.” The house felt very bare and emotionally cold, but I looked all through the house and found absolutely nothing like what she had described. The only thing wrong with the house was that it was just totally uninviting. Not one iota of warmth!

I sat down in the living room to relax and ponder the situation. I had just about decided the woman was a victim of her own imagination, when the front door suddenly popped open just a crack. She stuck her head in and said she wasn’t going to come in, she just wanted to see what I looked like. Instantly, I felt like I was in the Ghostbusters movie: it was like I was slimed! She was definitely right about the “spirits,” but the problem wasn’t her house, it was HER! She left, and the problem became very clear. As I thought about our earlier conversation, I realized she was the most fearful person I have ever met. Why did she think her son would be afraid just because someone he hadn’t met was visiting in their home? Other things she had told me hadn’t seemed relevant at the time, but I realized they were all about things she worried about or was afraid of.

Although this woman didn’t have “evil spirits” attacking her, she was hosting a very real phenomenon. Thought forms are entities that are virtually alive. They are created when a person or persons hold a particular belief or fear and believe in it very strongly. If thought forms leave their source, for whatever reason, they will be attracted to someone else who holds similar beliefs, or who is attractive for some other reason. Because she was so afraid of so many things, this woman was like a magnet for fearful thought forms, and drew them to her in incredible numbers! And, because of their sheer numbers, when she got close to someone else (as when she popped in to see what I looked like) they would move over to that person also.

Clearing myself was easy enough, but I never did get to try and help her. I spoke to her later on the phone, and tried to very tactfully explain what was going on. Unfortunately, the whole thing was just too frightening for her to even talk about, and she refused to even try to work with it. Sometimes that’s the way it is.