Cases of Spirit Clearing

Although every case of spirit clearing is different, there are similarities to most cases. Usually, the first thing I do is talk to the spirit a bit just like when you meet a person. “How you doing, why are you here, etc.” Then I’ll usually explain that it doesn’t really belong there, and it would be much happier if it would go to where it belonged. Then I’ll show it how to get to where it needs to be, maybe reassure it, make it feel okay about things. Sometimes it’s pretty easy, and sometimes it takes quite a bit of time and coaxing.


Bob was one of those that took quite a bit of coaxing. (I have no idea what his real name was so I just call him Bob.) In fact he didn’t even want me to know he was there. I knew he was in this bedroom because he was causing a lot of problems for the homeowner but at first I couldn’t find him. I finally realized he was in the closet.

I opened the closet door and it was full of stuff; so full I couldn’t even step into the closet. I knew he was there on my left, right inside the door, hiding in the “stuff.” I said Hi, etc, and he didn’t respond. I like to walk right up to a spirit if I can, but in this case I couldn’t because of all the “stuff.” So I said to him, “Would you mind coming out here? There’s so much stuff I can’t get in there.” I loved his reply: “That’s why I’m in here.” I cracked up!

Anyway, the rest of his story was uneventful: He did eventually talk to me and I got him to leave. But I just loved his first line: “That’s why I’m in here.”


George was different. George had killed himself on his back porch some 50 years before I met him. At the time he was having marital problems and couldn’t see any way out, so he just shot himself. Now he was causing problems for the current owner of the house so they called me.

I found George still on the back porch, very willing to talk, and he told me his story. What was different about George was that I didn’t have to do my usual routine of coaxing him to leave. As soon as he finished telling me his story he said, “So how do I get out of here?” Well, that was a surprise! But it wasn’t the last one. I started to give him my usual spiel, but he read my mind and before I could say one word he just left! One second he was sitting next to me, the next second he was on his way! George had been hanging around there for 50 years because he wanted to tell his story. So as soon as he had told it, he was ready to go.

The Village

The “biggest” clearing I ever did was at a house in a rural area of NC. As usual, the homeowner called me because of strange things that were happening. As it turned out, the house was situated at the site of a former American Indian village. There were spirits all over the house and property. I walked around the house, just observing what was there, and it was amazing. Some of them were hiding and some were just standing there, watching me. I saw them in corners, I found one hiding in a bathroom shower, I passed one on the stairs! They were everywhere! And most of them seemed to be very confused. These people had obviously had very traumatic deaths, and they didn’t know what to do.

I sat in one of the central rooms and began calling them to me, and they came in amazing numbers! I don’t know how many there were, I couldn’t possibly have counted them all. I started showing them how to leave and where to go, and most of them didn’t hesitate for a second, they just started going. As the ones who were in the room were leaving, there were more of them coming in and they just followed the ones who preceded them. There was literally a parade of souls passing through the room, coming from other parts of the house and then immediately passing on from the physical.

Outside, they were congregating around outdoor structures, some were sitting around the trees; they were everywhere. It was like the village was still there and they didn’t know they were dead. Except they did know, they just didn’t know what to do. So I went to a group that were sitting together and I talked to them. I told them they didn’t have to stay there and I told them how to leave. But I also told them that they could tell their fellow spirits what I had told them, and they could do it faster and easier than I could. I felt them leave me and I knew that they were dispersing over the property, spreading the word. Shortly I felt huge numbers of them leaving the physical, and I knew that they had reached most everybody that was there. I started to walk back to the house, but stopped in my tracks as I was suddenly overcome by a huge wave of gratitude! All the souls thanking me for my help! It was amazing and humbling.

Now it has to be said that there were some in the house who were not confused, and they did not leave; they were pissed! They were pissed about how they died, and they were pissed about this house sitting in the middle of what used to be their village. These were the ones who were causing the problems for the homeowner. Of course, the homeowner isn’t the one who killed them, that happened a long time ago. But it didn’t matter to them, they were stuck back at the point in time that they died. At any rate, it wasn’t in their best interest to stay there and I did get them to leave.