Talking with Animals

waspIn the summer of 1979, I built a greenhouse in my back yard. One hot dry day I was building the foundation and because I was working with concrete there were various little puddles of water around. At one point, I noticed a wasp of some sort getting water at one of the puddles. As it flew off, it buzzed right past my head, and I dodged. Besides the fact that getting stung isn’t all that pleasant, I’m allergic to insect stings. A few minutes later, the wasp was back getting water and again, when it flew off, it flew right past my head and made me jerk out of the way. Not a real considerate bug, considering it was drinking my water! A few minutes later, it was back for a third load, and again, flew right past my head on its way home. By now, I was not happy with the little critter, and when it came back for yet a fourth time, I had had enough. I was hot and sweaty, I was exasperated with the little ingrate, I knew what would happen to me if I got stung, and I was not in the mood to take a chance. So I spoke right out loud, telling it, “Look, I don’t mind you taking the water; you’re welcome to as much as you want. But you’re making me nervous flying so close to me. If you don’t stay away from me, I’m going to kill you! That’s all there is to it.” Considering the mood I was in, I thought he was one very lucky little bug to get a warning! Apparently the wasp thought so, too, because when he took off again with his load of water, he flew a big circle around me, staying well away! He continued making his trips for water for quite some time, and he never got close to me again.

This was about 10 years before I began to “wake up” to the realities of the universe, and it never occurred to me that I might actually communicate with the wasp. Since then I have had quite a few such experiences, some of them rather ordinary (if truly communicating with animals can be ordinary), while some of them really touched and amazed me.