Leg Pain

This man came to me with extreme pain in his left leg. It had been getting progressively worse for months, and now he was in pain more or less constantly. He limped when he walked and he was kind of stooped over. He also couldn’t sit for long or the pain would get worse. To make matters worse, he also couldn’t lie in one position for more than a few minutes because of the pain. Consequently, he was getting only a few hours sleep a night, and he was just a wreck. He had been to several doctors with no luck, and was finally referred to me by another client of mine.

Obviously, relieving the pain was the first order of business, so I asked if he would be able to lie on my treatment table. He said he probably would be okay for about 15 minutes before he would have to move to a different position. So we began by moving the pain out of his leg. (Pain actually exists in the body as a “blob” of energy, and it can be moved like any other energy.) I started by doing it myself, but then I also showed him how to do it. He did a fairly good job and he was able to tell that he was actually moving the pain. He was also pleased to see that his leg was feeling better as we worked.

When we finally stopped working, he was amazed to find that he had lain on the table in one position, without moving, for over an hour. Not “15 minutes” as he expected, but over an hour. He stood up (straight, not stooped) and walked around. His leg felt much better and he didn’t limp! Wow! What a difference! And he had had the experience, himself, of moving the pain out of his own leg, and feeling it happen.

Then I told him what I had been shown as we were working. The cause of his pain was that his mother didn’t have time to give him all the attention he needed when he was a child. It wasn’t her fault; she had to work all the time to support her family. And it wasn’t his fault that he needed more attention; we all need that as kids. There was no blame anywhere, just a situation that needed to be remedied. To most people there’s no obvious cause-and-effect connection between his leg pain and his childhood. But the left leg and foot are sort of a “warning system” for issues around support. So any lack of support, either real or perceived, can cause all kinds of problems in the leg or foot.

So I recommended things for him to do. Continuing to move energy out of his leg, in order to control the pain, of course. But the pain was just a symptom. More importantly, I suggested things to remove the issue that was causing the pain in the first place. But that’s a whole other story in itself.