My Background

I had a very unusual childhood

As a small child, I was very connected with nature. I was able to hold two-way conversations with plants and animals. I was also able to see nature spirits and converse with them.  But I just assumed these things were normal and thought nothing of it.

But as I grew, that part of me got squashed and squeezed out by adults and adulthood, as happens with so many things. I always maintained a sort of reverence for nature but never thought about why. It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I was reminded of how I had been as a child.

(So in my articles about communicating with Nature, I tell how it was for me, an adult, learning these things as if for the first time. You can read those articles using the menu to the right of this page.)

There was another unusual aspect of my childhood, one that carried over into adulthood. That was that I often knew what other people were feeling. Again, I didn’t know it was “different”; I just assumed everybody was like that.

As a Young Adult I was Clueless

My first awareness of my psychic and healing abilities came in my late thirties when I met a professional psychic who gave me glimpses into who I really am. He taught me how to read playing cards and urged me to start doing psychic readings for the public. At the same time I was learning about psychic work I was learning about hands-on healing work. They’re really just two different ways of helping people by working with Spirit so it was a natural pairing. And after just a few years I found that I could connect directly with Spirit and channel both information and energy. That connection with Spirit opened up my life. It also opened up whole new worlds of possibilities in my psychic and healing work.

Today, my connection with Spirit and Mother Nature is a constant; it’s what my life is all about. And it enables me to help other people, by connecting them with the spirit realm as well.