Space Clearing

There are two reasons why a space can need clearing: unwanted spirits and left-over energy.

Spirits sometimes hang around after the death of the body they were occupying. And sometimes a wandering spirit will kind of settle in a particular location because it feels comfortable there for whatever reason. It’s not necessarily a problem for humans who have a spirit in their space; the fact is, there are non-physical entities living all around us all the time. But sometimes a spirit hanging around the house or workplace can cause real problems. If that’s your situation, give me a call and let’s get your space cleared out.

Left-over energy in homes, especially apartments, can really affect your life. The temperaments, moods, and health of the people who lived in your home before you can have a profound impact on how you feel. (And, in extreme cases, the same thing is true of visitors to your home! For a dramatic illustration of this effect, see the first item in Cases of Energy Clearing.) And, if you’ve ever been house-hunting, you probably noticed that, regardless of what the houses looked like, some of them just felt good, while others just felt really bad! That’s the energy of the place that you’re feeling.

Offices and work spaces are especially prone to the problem of left-over energy. They tend to be leased by different tenants every so often, and employees come and go.  Add in the stress and pressure that are often present in the work place, and the build-up of negative energy can become a real problem.

If you think your home or work space needs clearing, give me a call and we can discuss it.