Talking with Nature

northern_spotted_owl_bird_tree smallPsychic work is all about communication: communication with Spirit, communication with the spirits of other people, communication with helper spirits, it’s all about communication. And talking with Nature is really no different. There is a consciousness in everything that exists, even things generally considered to be “inanimate,” such as earth, air, fire, and water. And while everyone knows that plants and animals are alive, most people don’t consider them to be conscious in the sense that they could talk to us. But the truth is, all these beings have a consciousness, they can be communicated with, and they will respond intelligently, if you approach them in the right way and know what to expect.

So the articles in this section are about experiences I have had talking with different entities in Nature. Sometimes it was intentional and sometimes it was totally unexpected. The unexpected ones have probably been the most exciting.