The weirdest reading I’ve ever done!

One time I did a reading for a man who wanted help finding his lost dog. He lived in a rural area about 30 miles from Austin; his dog roamed free and one day he just didn’t come home. We sat down and he handed me some things that belonged to the dog, and I began “looking for” the dog. Before long I felt like I had found the dog, but I was seeing things that made me think I was seeing wrong; they just didn’t make sense.

I told him that I could see the dog inside a cabin that looked like it was right out of a western movie. That wasn’t weird for the area, but what was weird was the dirt road that ran in front of the cabin. It looked like it made two 90-degree turns, first to the right, then to the left. They weren’t curves, they were absolutely right-angle turns, and would require driving about 5 mph to make the turn. But he said no, I wasn’t mistaken; he knew that road.

Okay, well, that was good, but the other thing I saw just couldn’t possibly be right: The cabin had a wooden porch running across the front, with tree branches for posts holding up the porch roof. Again, it looked just like something out of a western movie. And there, standing half on the porch and half in the house, was a mule! His front half was on the porch, and his back end was in the house! That couldn’t possibly be right! But again, the guy said, “No, I know that house. They really do let the mule go in the house.” Wow! Well, like I said, right out of a western movie! So anyway, I told him I saw his dog inside the house, lying on a rug, and so he headed home to get him.

When I first “saw” the dog in my head I was struck by the fact that he seemed to be fine, just confused. Maybe he was confused about why there was a mule in the house!